Australia flatlining in maths and science

In the past week the Trends in international maths and science study paper caused a wave of headlines due to the fact that Australian students don’t seem to be doing as well in Mathematics and Science compared to other countries.

A closer look at the results suggests the issue isn’t that Australian students are achieving worsening results in Mathematics and Science; it is that, while many countries are improving, our results have remained constant over the past 20 years.

This is a disappointing result; however, the questions that need to be answered are why, and how we can help students to improve these results. Australia is lucky to have such a diverse number of talented and passionate teachers who are prepared to tackle the challenges they are faced with, and do so admirably.

Part of the issue possibly is, while some children are naturally interested and good at these subjects, there can be trouble getting and maintaining student interest in a subject some deem ‘too hard’ and not a particular favourite. Girls, especially, need extra enticement.

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