New Products and Teachers Resources

  • Developing Comprehension Skills and Word Knowledge RIC Publications

    Developing comprehension skills and word knowledge

    We know teachers’ school lives are very busy. Timetables are packed with curriculum and school requirements and the constant need to justify teaching methods and show student progress. It’s difficult to know how and when to fit everything in! Are you feeling overwhelmed with the immense number of curriculum requirements for English? Have you exhausted […]


  • Australian Curriculum Health (Year 1)

    Australian Curriculum Health

    Australian Curriculum Health is a seven-book series designed to support the teaching and learning of the Personal, social and community health strand of Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education. Written in lesson-plan format, the series provides a variety of teacher resources to assist in the implementation of health lessons. Features: a compilation of lesson plans; […]


  • Australian-Curriculum-Money-Years-3-and-4

    Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Money

    Australian Curriculum Money is a three-book series that supports the teaching and learning of all areas related to money. Money is a very important aspect of students’ lives and therefore is an area that needs to be covered well. Written using the Australian national curriculum, Australian Curriculum Money will provide teachers with a comprehensive approach […]


  • Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship Year 6

    Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship

    Teach your students how to be interested and active citizens with this engaging series, comprising of key inquiry questions and related activities, and much more, to motivate and stimulate enthusiasm about being future leaders and decision-makers.


  • Year 3 The Maths Box Australian Curriculum supplementary resource measurement geometry number algebra statistics and probability

    The Maths box series

    Make learning maths easier and more enjoyable for even the most reluctant students with The Maths box! Attractive and affordable, these amazing boxes cover all the mathematics strands and substrands for Years 1 to 6.


  • Australian Curriculum Building Vocabulary

    Australian Curriculum English: A World of Words

    A world of words – Building vocabulary is a seven-book series that aims to build and extend students’ vocabularies. Having an extensive vocabulary that is used confidently is of vital importance for student learning across the curriculum.


  • Stick Kids Maths Ages-8-9

    Stick Kids: Maths – Ages 8-9

    Stick Kids workbooks offer engaging activities, games and puzzles that help develop fluency in mathematics and English.


  • Stick Kids English Ages-8-9

    Stick Kids: English – Ages 8-9

    Stick Kids workbooks offer engaging activities, games and puzzles that help develop fluency in mathematics and English.