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      Teaching Strategies for Writing

      Teaching strategies for writing

      Introduction Teaching strategies for writing is a series of six books with the explicit, overarching aim of teaching the skills and strategies required to improve the clarity, correctness and richness of children’s writing. Within the series, they are taught to recognise, choose and use specific strategies. As in the series Teaching comprehension strategies, the focus […]

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      Tax and super tips for teachers

      by Steve Perrica There are new super rules that commenced on 1 July 2017. The good Anyone who is eligible to make voluntary super contributions will also be eligible to make personal concessional (tax-deductible) contributions. Currently, people earning more than 10% of their income as an employee (i.e. salary and wages) cannot make a tax-deductible […]

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      Eat your veggies!

      A question we hear all too often is, ‘How can we get children to eat more vegetables?’ Eat Your Vegetables Day is on 17 June and seems the opportune time to discuss this and provide some handy tips. Being vegan provides a different perspective on food and energy, and inevitably leads to discovering and experimenting […]

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      NAIDOC Week 2018 – Because of her, we can

      NAIDOC Week runs 8–15 July every year. Even though all Australian schools will be on winter holidays, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include NAIDOC Week into your lessons either at the end of Term 2 or the beginning of Term 3. This year’s theme is ‘Because of her, we can’, and aims to recognise […]

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      Top tips for end of year reports

      Wow, how fast is this term going?! It’s hard to believe we are just over the halfway mark; the holidays are so close! But before you can relax and enjoy the break, you have to get through that dreaded report writing time. We have compiled a few short tips to help you organise your end […]

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      Do we still need to teach writing?

      There are many people, educators and otherwise, who suspect that the onset of the current technological age is the beginning of the end of the need for traditional writing and hence they question the value of teaching the skills associated with writing. ‘Why bother?’ runs their argument. ‘So many of the skills we took for […]

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      FIFA World Cup!

      Get ready for soccer fever! With the FIFA World Cup starting on 14 June, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick a clear winter’s day to get outside and get your students moving! We have provided some fun posters, including merit awards, a trophy and a fun soccer class (including a warm-up and cool down). Why […]

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      Brain breaks for NAPLAN

      We are firmly back in the clutches of Term 2, meaning NAPLAN is just around the corner. How can we, as teachers, help our students through the NAPLAN tests? To keep our students’ brains engaged, motivated and activated, it is important to take little breaks to rest, recharge and focus. These breaks are often called […]

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      Bitmoji in the classroom

      In an increasingly technological world, there are easy ways to incorporate technology into your teaching. One of our favourite, and quick tip—because who doesn’t love a teacher timesaver— is through Bitmojis!   How do I download and use them in my classroom? Firstly download the app via Google Play or iTunes. Next, create your own […]

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      Anzac Day classroom bunting

      It is hard to believe that Term 2 is upon us (spare a thought for our Queensland and Victoria teachers, who are already back with their students). We all know the first few weeks back can be hectic, so invite your kids to take ownership of their learning environment and make their learning purposeful by […]

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