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      Commonwealth Games – from the Gold Coast to the classroom

      The Gold Coast is the proud host of the 21st Commonwealth Games. The city will celebrate the largest sporting event that Australia has seen this decade. Over 6600 athletes will participate from 70 Commonwealth nations and territories. There are 23 sports and seven para-sports included. The games are not just about sport and will also […]

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      World Maths Day 2018

      World Maths Day is an online international mathematics competition held on 7 March 2018. ‘The competition measures speed in arithmetic and numeracy skills on the Live Mathletics platform and runs for 48 hours and is open to all schools around to the world. Students compete online with other students and top scores are displayed on […]

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      Behaviour management strategies

      The beginning of the year is a time for establishing classroom rules, routines and expectations. However, throughout the year, as students become more confident in the classroom and start forming new social circles, they may begin to push these boundaries … and your patience!  Try implementing these low-key behaviour management strategies to minimise behaviour issues arising in your classroom. Winning over  Build a strong […]

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      World Thinking Day 2018

      It’s that time of year again when girls in the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts movement put on their thinking caps and focus their minds and hearts on their sisters across the globe. This year’s theme is the final part of the ‘Connect, Grow, Impact’ trilogy of themes. What impact can the girls have on their […]

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      National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions

      ‘A learning progression can be described as a common pathway of conceptual development or a sequence for learning or acquiring a new skill.’  Although a little overwhelming to begin with, we celebrated when a national Australian Curriculum was introduced. At last students in all states of Australia would be taught the same fundamental skills across […]

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      Chinese New Year Activities

      A cross-curricular approach to Chinese New Year

      In 2018, the official Chinese New Year celebrations will commence on 16 February and continue through to 2 March. Many festivals and events will take place throughout this time to mark the beginning of the Year of the Dog. Opening students’ eyes to celebrations and traditions around the world is a powerful way to build […]

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      English and Maths NAPLAN practice tests

      NAPLAN testing seems to be a source of dread for both teachers and students. But there are ways to make preparation easier! This Friday Freebie allows you to try two different Australian Curriculum workbooks that focus on English and mathematics. Use these trial workbooks to gauge how your students are faring in the lead up […]

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      Safer Internet Day 2018

      Theme: Create, connect and share respect: A better Internet starts with you Digital natives can use technology with the simplest of ease, but do they know how to be cyber safe and use technology in a positive and respectful way? Talking to children explicitly about the safety and ethical issues that go along with the […]

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      Australian classroom bunting

      Wow, where did that summer break go? It is hard to believe that Term 1 is upon us (spare a thought for our Queensland teachers, who are already back with their students). We all know the first few weeks back can be hectic and a little daunting, so invite your kids to take ownership of […]

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      Christmas Craft

      Pop stick Christmas ornaments You will need: pop sticks or tongue depressors, coloured/white paper, black fine-tipped pen, odds ‘n’ ends (e.g. scrap fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sequins, raffia, glitter, tinsel, glitter pipe-cleaners) for decorating, corrugated cardboard (for angel’s wings), strong glue and scissors Students can cut out shapes to suit the Christmas character they wish to […]

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