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      Christmas Craft

      Pop stick Christmas ornaments You will need: pop sticks or tongue depressors, coloured/white paper, black fine-tipped pen, odds ‘n’ ends (e.g. scrap fabrics, ribbons, buttons, sequins, raffia, glitter, tinsel, glitter pipe-cleaners) for decorating, corrugated cardboard (for angel’s wings), strong glue and scissors Students can cut out shapes to suit the Christmas character they wish to […]

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      Freebie Friday – Awesome Christmas activities

      While the rest of the world prepares for a beautiful winter Christmas, here in Australia we can celebrate in our own Aussie way! Our Chrissie prezzie to you is a set of eight downloads that celebrate our unique Australian Christmas identity. An Aussie Christmas Ages 5-7     An Aussie Christmas Ages 8-11+   The above […]

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      End of year STEM projects

      Imagine a world of innovative, communicative, collaborative and thoughtful problem-solvers. Now imagine a world where needs are met, problems are solved and sustainable decisions are made. Wouldn’t it be fabulous? With the end of year fast approaching, we are giving away sample cards from Year 3 to Year 6 of our new STEM projects box […]

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      Creative Christmas cooking

      With Christmas just around the corner (I know, already?!), we’ve tried and tested some fun festive recipes to get your class into the Christmas spirit. Watch your class get creative (and a little messy) as they make these super-sweet treats for themselves, or as gifts for family and friends. As always, adult supervision is required […]

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      Christmas around the world

      Before we know, it will be Christmas again. Cards will adorn classrooms and Christmas music will be played. All over the world there are similarities and differences in how Christmas is celebrated, from one continent to another. Each celebration should be appreciated for its geographical and cultural uniqueness. Kwanzaa In 1966, Maulana Karenga established a […]

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      Hands-on Christmas Advent calendars

      Is it really that time of year again? The Christmas spirit will come flitting into your classroom in no time, and students will be hanging out until the holidays and that all important evening when the man with the stuffed sack comes down the chimney; but we don’t have to wait until the twelfth month […]

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      Teaching Christmas across the Curriculum

      Wow, where has this term gone? It’s hard to believe we are rapidly approaching the end of another school year. After the chaos of report writing time it is time to relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the year. We have put together a list of fun ideas and activities to link teaching […]

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      Remembrance Day craft

      On 11 November each year at 11 am, we remember people who have fought in the world’s wars. People wear poppies on this day as a symbol to show that they have not forgotten. This week’s Freebie Friday is a poppy craft to download and try with your class. For more Remembrance Day resources, view […]

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      Top tips for end of year reports

      Wow, how fast is this term going?! It’s hard to believe we are just over the halfway mark; the holidays are so close! But before you can relax and enjoy the break, you have to get through that dreaded report writing time. We have compiled a few short tips to help you organise your end […]

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      Freebie Friday – Handwriting Today – NSW Foundation Font

      Research shows handwriting assists with the preparation for early literacy, increases creativity and productivity, improves learning difficulties and enhances auditory learning. This week’s Freebie Friday is sample units from our new Handwriting today series for you to try with your class. It’s a great way to reinforce the importance of handwriting while covering key curriculum areas […]

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