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      International Yoga Day

      by Joanna Gardener (IYTA DIP) The benefits to children (and adults) from practising yoga are numerous. On a physiological level, all muscles in the body are exercised and strengthened; the spine becomes straighter, stronger and more flexible; posture is improved; internal organs are massaged, stretched and toned; and full deep breathing is facilitated. Ultimately this […]

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      Freebie Friday The Maths box Australian Curriculum digital teacher guide

      Freebie Friday: ‘The Maths box’ digital teachers guide

      Did you know that you can get our fantastic digital Maths box teachers guide for free? Yes, you can! The Maths box teachers guide: is MAC and PC compatible is available for Years 1-6 is interactive whiteboard friendly provides easy printing of resource sheets, mini posters, templates, tracking sheets and more. Until 30 June, The Maths […]

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      Tax and super tips for teachers

      by Steve Perrica There are new super rules that commence 1 July 2017. The good Anyone who is eligible to make voluntary super contributions will also be eligible to make personal concessional (tax-deductible) contributions. Currently, people earning more than 10% of their income as an employee (i.e. salary and wages) cannot make a tax-deductible super […]

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      Freebie Friday: Mathemagic by Dr Paul Swan

      An awesome example of mathemagic is the mind-reading trick based on using a set of cards to determine a secret number. A volunteer is asked to choose a secret number, and then is shown a series of cards and asked to state whether their secret number appears on the card that is shown. Based on […]

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      The power of the proficiency strands

       by Paul Swan The Australian Mathematics curriculum is made up of the content strands of Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics and Probability.  The proficiency strands of Understanding, Fluency, Problem-solving and Reasoning are used in conjunction with the content strands to support teaching and differentiation. Specific content is mentioned at specific year levels. For […]

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      Freebie Friday: Values education toolkit

      With all the change going on in the world, it’s important to teach students values so they can be conscientious citizens. This week’s Freebie Friday is two worksheets—the first encourages awareness of world events, and the other aims to reinforce the value of time and how students can effectively use the time they have. R.I.C […]

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      The power of positive energy in the classroom

      Imagine you are stepping off a ferry onto the jetty of an enchanting Greek island dotted with blue and white buildings and surrounded by a sparkling sea. A string of blue and white flags dance in the breeze to the sounds of bouzouki music. Your host greets you with an exuberant ‘Kalimera’ (good morning) and […]

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      Freebie Friday art and craft 2

      Freebie Friday: Awesome art and craft projects

      There are many ways to make great artworks with your class! For this week’s Freebie Friday, we’ve provided projects for lower, middle and upper primary in the hopes of kickstarting your students’ artistic ability. Click on any of the image(s) below to download and print. Lower Primary – Stained glass butterflies Middle Primary – Sydney Opera […]

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      Linking visual arts and maths

      Art and … maths?

      Who loves art but doesn’t love maths? Children of course, being the intuitive creatures they are, can pick up on these vibes, so here are some great activities that combine the fun of art with the necessity of learning maths. We find them great, and are sure you will too! Tessellations are a great way […]

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      Freebie Friday: Scavenger Hunt Day

      Let’s go on a scavenger hunt! Okay, maybe not literally, but you can get your students in the treasure-hunting mood with these fun mapping freebies that focus on grid work and different mapping skills. Save Save

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