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      Anzac Day Teaching Ideas Blog

      The spirit of Anzac

      Anzac Day is such an important date in calendars across the nation. The 25th of April is the commemoration of the many sacrifices made by those who have served Australia in times of need, and those who currently serve in Australia’s defense forces. The centenary of Anzac is from 2014–2018, commemorating the troops that landed at […]

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      Poetry free australian curriculum

      Assessing English through poetry

      Poetry really is an art form that is underappreciated by students—and has been for decades. Is it because poetry is seen as ‘old-fashioned’ or hard to understand? Is it simply boring, sending students to sleep? Not anymore! The three poems and blacklines we are gifting you this Freebie Friday come straight from our AC Poetry […]

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      power of poetry 1

      The power of poetry

      During a recent discussion with my colleagues, the subject of poetry arose, and the many benefits of its use in education. Sadly, the trend seems to be that the use of and interest in poetry in schools is decreasing. There is no doubt that teachers should expose their students to many different text types or […]

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      Freebie Friday Problem-solving blacklines

      Problem-solving puzzles

      Do your students have problems with problem-solving? Fear not! This week’s Freebie Friday is three blacklines aimed to promote problem-solving using real-life situations; e.g. dealing with money, problems around the house etc. These simple worksheets can be used as reinforcement for a lesson, a spare time activity, or as homework. Save Save Save

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      fresh look at problem solving

      Problem-solving and NAPLAN

      With less than two months before the dreaded NAPLAN tests begin for Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students, many parents, teachers and students are probably starting to feel anxious. But what causes this anxiety, what is the intention of the NAPLAN assessments and how can you ensure your children are as prepared for NAPLAN […]

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      Freebie Friday Mapping skills

      Maps here and there

      In Tuesday’s post we talked about all the different mapping skills and how to use fun activities to incorporate them into your classroom. Well, today’s Freebie Friday follows on this topic: we have a sneak preview of Book 1 from our new Australian Curriculum Mapping skills series. The blacklines look at what a bird’s-eye-view is, […]

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      natural disaster education from RIC Publications

      Preparing for natural disasters

      The last thing any teacher wants is to have to implement safety procedures due to a natural disaster. But it’s best to be prepared. We have some simple tips on how to prepare your students for a natural disaster, and what to do if a natural disaster occurs during school hours. Preparing your class Be […]

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      Freebie Friday NAPLAN style workbooks

      Trial our NAPLAN-style workbooks!

      NAPLAN testing seems to be a source of dread for both teachers and students. But there are ways to make preparation easier! This week’s Friday Freebie allows you to trial two different workbooks that focus on English and mathematics. Use these trial workbooks to gauge how your students are faring in the lead up to […]

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      Its all about the context

      It’s all about the context!

      A recently-read article contains the following quote: ‘Without a strong background in basic skills like decoding and vocabulary-building, reading comprehension is impossible’. (<http://www.readingrockets.org/article/comprehension-instruction-what-works>) Resources for teaching comprehension skills are plentiful and teachers have lots of choice in hard copy and online. The problem is the time needed to locate them and the fact that the […]

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      Freebie Friday English skills

      Exciting aids to develop English skills

      How excited are the students in your class when you tell them you are going to read them a story? Quietness reigns and the children ‘soak up’ literacy information in a fun way that belies the fact that they are learning literacy skills. Games, songs, poems and action rhymes, partner and group work, and motivating […]

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