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      International Yoga Day

      by Joanna Gardener (IYTA DIP) The benefits to children (and adults) from practising yoga are numerous. On a physiological level, all muscles in the body are exercised and strengthened; the spine becomes straighter, stronger and more flexible; posture is improved; internal organs are massaged, stretched and toned; and full deep breathing is facilitated. Ultimately this […]

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      Freebie Friday The Maths box Australian Curriculum digital teacher guide

      Freebie Friday: ‘The Maths box’ digital teachers guide

      Did you know that you can get our fantastic digital Maths box teachers guide for free? Yes, you can! The Maths box teachers guide: is MAC and PC compatible is available for Years 1-6 is interactive whiteboard friendly provides easy printing of resource sheets, mini posters, templates, tracking sheets and more. Until 30 June, The Maths […]

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      The power of positive energy in the classroom

      Imagine you are stepping off a ferry onto the jetty of an enchanting Greek island dotted with blue and white buildings and surrounded by a sparkling sea. A string of blue and white flags dance in the breeze to the sounds of bouzouki music. Your host greets you with an exuberant ‘Kalimera’ (good morning) and […]

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      Linking visual arts and maths

      Art and … maths?

      Who loves art but doesn’t love maths? Children of course, being the intuitive creatures they are, can pick up on these vibes, so here are some great activities that combine the fun of art with the necessity of learning maths. We find them great, and are sure you will too! Tessellations are a great way […]

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      Freebie Friday: Limerick competition

      Happy Limerick Day, everyone! Who doesn’t love a cheeky little limerick to put a smile on your face? We certainly do! But here at the office, we’re tired of hearing the same old limericks, so we’re putting it to you and your students to come up with some fresh ones. This week’s Freebie Friday is […]

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      Top tips for teaching science

      Finding it hard to incorporate earth and space sciences in the classroom? Here are some easy tips to get your students interested in learning in all different ways! A lot of teachers don’t like teaching science. (That’s quite understandable in my opinion.) They consider themselves lucky if a peer wants to teach science across the […]

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      Freebie Friday Fractured fairytales

      Freebie Friday: Fractured folktales

      Fracturing something usually isn’t fun … unless you’re fracturing folktales! This handy little guide will give you and your students steps and suggestions on how to put their own spin on a classic story. Once your students have fractured their folktales, hold retellings in small groups, or pick some folktales to turn into short plays—there […]

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      Incorporating storytelling into your classroom rect

      The importance of stories

      Oral storytelling is, and has been, a major communication tool across many cultures for centuries. With the introduction of writing tools, people began writing their stories for others to read and enjoy. But why do so many students become anxious about having to speak, read or share writing in front of their peers? And, why […]

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      Freebie Friday World Earth Day

      World Earth Day – Climate change and literacy

      It’s World Earth Day tomorrow, and to promote enthusiasm and understanding of our environment, our Freebie Friday giveaway is selected pages from our upcoming revised Australian Curriculum Science series. These blackline masters focus on the Earth and space sciences sub-strand, and can be used to reinforce the importance of caring for our environment. Australian Curriculum Science […]

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      Preparing for online NAPLAN

      Preparing for online NAPLAN

      Alas, the dreaded NAPLAN is nearly upon us. The new online format will be rolled out to select schools this year and fully online within three years, so practice will be needed to ensure students are familiar with the new delivery style. It is important to remember that students should be taught the curriculum in […]

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