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The library is one of the most important places in a school—it contains all the necessary resources to help students (and teachers!) further their learning. R.I.C. Publications has a wide range of library resources that complement those found in the classroom and help complete the tools required for students' education. With items including teacher resources; blackline masters; high-interest, low-ability readers; posters; interactives; games and boxed sets, students will have a myriad of resources to choose from!

Our selection of bright, colourful posters that cover topics such as study and research skills, self-esteem and values will brighten up any library and be a fun, visual way for students to learn. These posters complement our wide range of interactive resources—we know how students are more likely to enjoy what they're learning if they are stimulated and can interact with the material! Choose from products such as Maths games interactives, Telling the time and Cloze interactive—you'll have trouble pulling students away from the computer!

We also have some series of high-interest, low-ability readers for students that need a little more encouragement to begin their reading journey. Exciting and interesting titles include Graphic biographies, Disaster series, Fast fiction and Astonishing headlines. There are also other great series designed to enthrall even the most reluctant reader! These are a great complement to our boxed sets The Comprehension box and The Literacy box—why not have a look?

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