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      Australia flatlining in maths and science

      In the past week the Trends in international maths and science study paper caused a wave of headlines due to the fact that Australian students don’t seem to be doing as well in Mathematics and Science compared to other countries. A closer look at the results suggests the issue isn’t that Australian students are achieving […]

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      Literature for teaching mathematics – Part 2

      You may remember that a few weeks ago we gave some information about worthwhile literature to assist your teaching of mathematics. Today we offer other books that you may find useful (and we hope save you some valuable teacher preparation time). Number and Algebra We’d love to hear from anyone with feedback about these books […]

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      Freebie Friday – Costume parts

      Make drama in the classroom, or on the assembly stage, even more enjoyable with these two blackline master downloads: instructions for a clown costume and templates for two eye masks. While students immerse themselves in experimenting with different designs and colours, and creating their characters, they will also be using some maths skills. Save Save […]

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      Drama in the classroom!

      Trawl through the Drama strand of The Arts curriculum and you will find all the elements required for providing the young thespians in your care with the perfect springboard for diving on to the world stage. For many teachers, this is a daunting prospect and one that may be consigned to the ‘not enough time’ […]

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      Freebie Friday – Civics and citizenship

      Last week the unexpected happened when Donald Trump was voted to become the next president of the United States of America. As there is currently so much activity and change in the world, it is a great time to get students interested in politics and the law, and enthusiastic about getting involved in their future. To […]

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      Global education

      Global education is an approach that focuses on bringing about social, cultural, environmental, political and economic change in our society. It is based on the universal values of tolerance, solidarity, equality, justice, inclusion, cooperation and non-violence. With international issues such as terrorism, refugees, political eruptions and racism becoming increasingly present in the media, it is […]

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      Terrifically tongue twisting teaching tips

      How can you provide endless entertainment while working on pronunciation and fluency of speech? Try a classic tongue twister in honour of International Tongue Twister Day on 13 November. Not only will it be fun but it will also provide a way to exercise the muscles involved in speech, and can highlight which sounds your […]

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      Making mental maths meaningful banner

      Making mental maths meaningful

      With the increasing accessibility to calculators and smart phones, many people are becoming reliant on technology to solve mathematics calculations, rather than their own brain. Mental mathematics lessons often focus on rote learning, chanting, memorisation and ‘shoot out’ games, which do not help students develop number sense or effective mental strategies and processes for solving […]

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      Happy World Teachers’ Day!

      While most of the world celebrates this special day on 5 October, as it coincides with the school holidays, Australia celebrates its wonderful teachers each year on 28 October instead. Accordingly, our Freebie present for you today is a page of Magic maths tricks: ‘wow’ your students with these simple ‘magic’ tricks and teach them […]

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      STEM post banner

      STEM: Getting to the roots of it

      Education departments around the world are committing huge amounts of money towards emphasising STEM in education. Let’s start with what STEM isn’t: part of a plant world domination by robots a mysterious language of computers that is too difficult for any regular person to grasp too hard to teach in a jam-packed day and not that […]

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