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      Tips and icebreakers to start the new year

      Being the fabulous teacher that you are, no doubt you want to get to know your students in order to prepare for the school year ahead, and you want the students to get to know you and their peers so they feel comfortable in their learning environment. But being the first day back at school, […]

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      Six free classroom posters!

      A new year and a new class calls for a new classroom setup! To help you create an engaging, motivating and inspiring classroom for your students, the first Teaching Ideas freebie of 2017 is a set of fabulous posters! These six colourful and informative posters cover Science, English, History, Geography, Mathematics and Health and will […]

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      Back to school: Preparing your classroom

      As they walk into their new classroom for the first time, be sure to make your students say ‘wow!’ Let them immediately see the sparkle and precise organisation that tells them, ‘This is a well-run machine, ready for a new journey’ and that they have tickets for the ride! First impressions are everything. How are you […]

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      Freebie Friday – Celebrate Christmas!

      As the silly season is almost upon us, we’re finishing up this year’s Freebie Friday giveaways with a collection of Christmas-related activities for you and your students to enjoy. This mix of activities includes recipes, craft, and a couple of worksheets for some sneaky English and maths learning.   Save Save Save Save

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      Environmentally-friendly Christmas craft

      It’s hard to believe that it is that time of year again! Your students are probably hanging out until the holidays and that all important evening when the jolly old man comes down the chimney. To help keep your students learning in the midst of all the excitement, try out these art and craft activities […]

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      Freebie Friday – Fun with maths!

      For students (and teachers) who may not find maths as exciting as others, learning can be made more fun by incorporating it with other activities like art and puzzle-solving! This week’s Freebie Friday giveaway is three blackline masters: two ‘Colour by number’ worksheets, for different year levels, and one ‘Fun with numbers’ worksheet to turn […]

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      Australia flatlining in maths and science

      In the past week the Trends in international maths and science study paper caused a wave of headlines due to the fact that Australian students don’t seem to be doing as well in Mathematics and Science compared to other countries. A closer look at the results suggests the issue isn’t that Australian students are achieving […]

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      Literature for teaching mathematics – Part 2

      You may remember that a few weeks ago we gave some information about worthwhile literature to assist your teaching of mathematics. Today we offer other books that you may find useful (and we hope save you some valuable teacher preparation time). Number and Algebra We’d love to hear from anyone with feedback about these books […]

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      Freebie Friday – Costume parts

      Make drama in the classroom, or on the assembly stage, even more enjoyable with these two blackline master downloads: instructions for a clown costume and templates for two eye masks. While students immerse themselves in experimenting with different designs and colours, and creating their characters, they will also be using some maths skills. Save Save […]

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      Drama in the classroom!

      Trawl through the Drama strand of The Arts curriculum and you will find all the elements required for providing the young thespians in your care with the perfect springboard for diving on to the world stage. For many teachers, this is a daunting prospect and one that may be consigned to the ‘not enough time’ […]

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