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  • Year 3 The Maths Box Australian Curriculum supplementary resource measurement geometry number algebra statistics and probability

    The Maths box series

    The Maths box series fully supports the teaching and learning of Australian Curriculum Mathematics for Year 1 to Year 6. These amazing, affordable boxes cover all of the mathematics strands and sub-strands for each year level. Each box contains: 75 unique cards (2 of each card, 150 cards total) 75 full-colour answer cards 1 teachers […]


  • A World of Words

    A World of Words

    A world of words – Building vocabulary is a seven-book series that aims to build and extend students’ vocabularies. Having an extensive vocabulary that is used confidently is of vital importance for student learning across the curriculum.


  • Stick Kids Maths Ages-8-9

    Stick Kids: Maths – Ages 8-9

    Stick Kids workbooks offer engaging activities, games and puzzles that help develop fluency in mathematics and English.