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  • Australian-Curriculum-Money-Years-3-and-4

    Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Money

    Australian Curriculum Money is a three-book series that supports the teaching and learning of all areas related to money. Money is a very important aspect of students’ lives and therefore is an area that needs to be covered well. Written using the Australian national curriculum, Australian Curriculum Money will provide teachers with a comprehensive approach […]


  • Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship Year 6

    Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship

    Australian Curriculum Civics and citizenship (Years 3–6) is a series of four books written specifically to support the new national curriculum while also integrating other sub-strands of the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum. The integration of the Humanities content allows for a more efficient way to include civics and citizenship content. Each book is organised […]


  • Year 3 The Maths Box Australian Curriculum supplementary resource measurement geometry number algebra statistics and probability

    The Maths box series

    The Maths box series fully supports the teaching and learning of Australian Curriculum Mathematics for Year 1 to Year 6. These amazing, affordable boxes cover all of the mathematics strands and sub-strands for each year level. Each box contains: 75 unique cards (2 of each card, 150 cards total) 75 full-colour answer cards 1 teachers […]