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  • Australian Curriculum Health (Year 1)

    Australian Curriculum Health

    Australian Curriculum Health is a seven-book series designed to support the teaching and learning of the Personal, social and community health strand of Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education. Written in lesson-plan format, the series provides a variety of teacher resources to assist in the implementation of health lessons. Features: a compilation of lesson plans; […]


  • Australian-Curriculum-Money-Years-3-and-4

    Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Money

    Australian Curriculum Money is a three-book series that supports the teaching and learning of all areas related to money. Money is a very important aspect of students’ lives and therefore is an area that needs to be covered well. Written using the Australian national curriculum, Australian Curriculum Money will provide teachers with a comprehensive approach […]


  • Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship Year 6

    Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship

    Australian Curriculum Civics and citizenship (Years 3–6) is a series of four books written specifically to support the new national curriculum while also integrating other sub-strands of the Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum. The integration of the Humanities content allows for a more efficient way to include civics and citizenship content. Each book is organised […]


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